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Travis Sky Ingersoll, PH.D., MSW, M.ED.

Social Work & Sexual Health Education/Consulting/Research

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Like an Egg in a Bowl of Cherries

Posted on June 1, 2020 at 12:17 PM
After 16 years, I've finally published a memoir about my experiences living and teaching for a year in Dalian China.

My book can be found on Kindle and on Amazon = ISBN: 979649443777

Like an Egg in a Bowl of Cherries is a memoir that will appeal to those with a lust for life and a passion for exploration. Drawing from hand-written journal entries and emails sent home while living and working for a year in Dalian, China (2002-2003), readers are taken on an entertaining ride filled with humor, sarcasm, and irreverence.

With topics ranging from the challenges and rewards of teaching in China, to dog restaurants, wet-markets, and the SARS Pandemic, the stories within this book will expose readers to a world of interconnections, surprising parallels, contrasts, similarities, and at times, profound realizations.

Table of Contents
Note from the Author (2020)
Preface (2004)
Arrived and Unpacked
Trimming Hedges, The Hard Way
Downtown Branch School Orientation
First Day of Class at the Branch School
Full Moon Festival
The Bookstore Gig
A Place to Call Home
Trip to the Countryside & Visiting Farmhouses
English Corners, Tutoring, and Ancient Rocks
Three Months of Teaching Under My Belt
Common Courtesy?
Communal Snow Removal
Six Months In = The Halfway Point
Dog Food & Wet Markets
Tiger Beach
Spring Festival
Adventures in Beijing
The Great Wall
The Mongolian Incident
The Machete Man
Yantai by Boat
Exploring an Ancient Taoist Monastery
A Run-In with The Puff-Coat Mafia
Street Food and Cosmic Connections
A Harrowing Boat Ride Home
Politics of Teaching
The Fading Dreams of My Students
I Try to Remain Positive But…
Kung Fu-ish
The Foreigners
Being Here Can Be Really Challenging at Times
Returning Home
Epilogue (2020)

Categories: Cross-cultural Perspectives

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